Community Montessori Questions

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Low student/teacher ratios are critical to a successful class environment.  We have no more than 12 students per teacher, generally 7-9 in the preschool and kindergarten grades.

Yes!  To guide, understand materials, and individualize learning for children, teachers must have formal Montessori training.  All of our teachers are Montessori trained.

Maria Montessori found that the multi-age environment provided many benefits for learning.  The younger children are able to watch older children and learn from observation as well as be exposed to advanced work.  The older children benefit from having younger children in the classroom because they are able to teach or give lessons to younger children which further solidifies their learning and understanding of skills.  The older children also have more responsibility in the classroom which helps them develop their leadership skills. Socially, they learn to interact, resolve conflict, and build friendships with children of multiple ages.

We have a wonderful car-line system! Parents pull along side the school and a teacher will come out to greet your child and walk him/her into class.  At pick up a teacher will bring your child out to you when the school day is over.

We feel it is very important for children to experience the outdoor environment when weather permits.  We go outside if the temperature is above 20 degrees.  We ask that children pack snow clothes so they can play in the snow.  In the Fall, the children can rake leaves and in the Spring, we will tend to our outdoor garden.  We are very respectful of nature and use our outdoor time as an extension of the learning that happens inside.

We are a peanut free facility. A safe snack list is compiled by the parents of children with any kind of food allergy so that we make sure food that all children can partake in is the only food that comes in the building. Children pack their lunch if they stay all day-no peanut products are allowed at CMS. We will talk with each family individually to make sure each childs needs are met.

The number 1 criteria in determining quality of student education is the quality of teachers. First, our teachers all have Montessori teaching degrees or certifications. Second, our teachers all have a passion for the Montessori philosophy and care deeply for our students. We have the best teaching staff in the city. Please come see them in action and you will believe!